Podcast #13 - Springbank's Peter Currie

I love Springbank distillery.  I love Springbank whisky.  I sometimes cannot hold back the admiration and emotion I feel for this Campbeltown institution, so I just go with the moment.  In this interview, I do sometimes get carried away, repeatedly gushing about how awesome these guys are, but sometimes the spirit overwelms us and that's the way it goes.

Peter Currie is the sales manager for Springbank and a very wise man concerning all things whisky.  He took us on an amazing tour of the distillery while we were there, and I'm hoping he can convey the same wonderful message via this podcast in an audio version.  If you've got a bottle of Springbank at home, pour yourself a glass and relax while Peter tells you just why your dram is so wickedly great.

This episode can be downloaded here.  Past episodes are archived here as well as on iTunes.  You can also listen via the embedded Flash player below.

David Driscoll