New K&L Scotland Single Barrel Pre-Arrival Release

Another exciting day in K&L whisky history is upon us, as we make available another of the many barrels we secured during our recent adventures in Scotland.

Today we are bringing you the absolute best whisky we found.  In fact, I think it is one of the finest whiskies I have ever tasted, period.  Granted I have a specific style I like, but this magical gem of a malt should please just about every aficionado out there. 

Before I introduce it, I want to state that David OG and I are always wary about pushing more expensive malts upon our customers.  If there were ever two guys that tried to UNDERsell people rather than oversell them, it’s us.  My ideology as a whisky retailer is based on giving customers the best value for their money and making sure that their expectations are fully met. 

That being said, if I truly felt that one whisky was worth such a high price tag, this would be it.  David OG and took one sip of this whisky in a Pittlochry warehouse and simply fell in love.  There was no way we COULDN’T buy this barrel.  We knew it might be difficult to sell a barrel of $300+ a bottle whisky, but we also knew that once our customers tried it they would be completely satisfied.  It is absolutely worth $300 in every way.

What is it?

1974 Rare Ayrshire "K&L Exclusive" 36 Year Old Signatory Single Barrel Cask Strength Lowland Single Malt Whiskey PRE-ARRIVAL PRICE $299.99 (retail price to be $349.99)

Absolutely one of top two or three whiskies I've ever had the opportunity to taste.  David OG and I knew it wasn't going to be cheap, but we had a duty to bring great whisky back to the states so we couldn't let the price tag stand in our way.  Labeled as "Rare Ayrshire" because Signatory cannot disclose the name of the distillery, we're more than happy to let you in on the name of this rarely-seen and long-forgotten single malt.  One of the rarest and hard-to-find of distilleries, Ladyburn is a Lowland distillery that operated only between 1966 and 1975, inside the grain distillery of Girvan. The rare 12 year old distillery bottling sells for over $3000 at auction and the name Ladyburn has become synonymous with "cult whisky." Our 36 year old bottling is an orgasm of complexity that should send true whisky geeks into a ferverish frenzy of ecstasy.  Brandied fruit on the nose with honey and Cognac-esque aromas seeping into the mix.  The palate is light and soft with vanilla, baking spices, and flowers in complete harmony with the natural cask strength proof.  A drop of water brings out more of the spice and releases the vanilla into a bowl of fresh cherries that linger long on the finish.  Simply amazing whisky that demands the attention of the most serious of drinkers.  Classic in every way and worth every penny of the price.

Because this is such an old barrel, there are only 80 bottles worth of whisky left inside of it.  All 80 will be made available for pre-arrival.

Like I said above, I’ve never tried to convince anyone that they needed to pay $300 for great whisky.  I won’t try to convince you of that now either.  What I will say, is that if you HAD to pay $300 for ANY whisky, this is the one.

Ladyburn is so rare that it would cost at least $300 even if it were terrible.  Just to make sure I wasn’t crazy, I smuggled a sample back from Scotland and tasted a customer whose palate I completely trust to get his opinion.  He bought the first bottle, so now there are 79 left.

On another news note, the 1994 Glendronach 17 Year Old Single Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt $99.99 is once again available for purchase as we are now more certain that we have straightened out any complications.

Any questions?  Please let me know. 

More news later in the week and another barrel to announce! 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll