San Francisco Tastings Begin Thursday 5/19

Well loyal SF customers, we've finally done it!  FINALLY, after pitching this idea to a number of local bars whom I thought would have jumped all over this opportunity, FINALLY, after telling establishments that they don't need to turn this into a money-making scheme, FINALLY, after volunteering to do all the work for them to bring people in, I have found the new K&L Spirits Tasting Bar North.  On Claude Lane, next to the Loehmann's in Union Square, sits a small alley with a little unassuming bar named Gitane.  One must go in the door and travel down the steps to find this lovely little place, but the interior is quite breathtaking.  We will run the tastings exactly the same way as in RWC at Martin's West - starts early, one bottle total, pours at wholesale cost, first come first served.  

 Gitane opens at 5:30 so I say let's start it then.  All you East Bay BART commuters can then come and catch a dram before heading under the tube, and those who work downtown and come straight from work before going home.  Gitane is small, so we need to be in and out unless we plan on staying for dinner.  I'm thinking we start with something nice, like maybe Springbank 18 for $7 a glass?  I'll update again later with a final product announcement so that we can all make plans to be there.

I can't wait to get this started and I think I can finally meet all you local SF people who never make it down to Redwood City!

See you there,

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll