Thursday Tasting Tonight in SF!

Whoopie! Our first ever SF Thursday night tasting! This is a test run to see how things work out and I hope they go smoothly.  I'll be at Gitane right around 5:30 with Andrew Morrison to hang out and talk about this lovely Bowmore 20 year single barrel cask strength whisky.  Pours should be about $5-$6 and that covers a full glass not a wee taste.  I'll be meeting with some other local industry folk today about possibly branching this series out should it catch on with our local community.  There's another little liquor store up the road that I'm quite friendly with and I'm sure they might want to team up for some of these (see, not all competitors hate each other!).  More on that later.  See you tonight, at Gitane, right off of Sutter and Kearny back in the little alley called Claude Lane.  Remember, only one bottle on hand, so don't expect to mosey in at 7:15 and get one!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll