Tuesday Notes

My call for new, interesting tequilas is being answered, thank the Lord!  After bringing in Gran Dovel, we've just picked up 123 Tequila - a super clean, vibrant, 100% organic spirit that gets me excited about booze again.  These are traditional, lighter-styled spirits, not the overly oaked and super sweet stuff that's been taking over as of late.  I can't wait to get these on the shelf because the bottles are also quite striking. 

I also tasted though the Old Pulteney line again and I'm going diehard for the 17 year!  I love old-fashioned, Highland-style malts and this is like a time machine back to what I imagine whisky used to be like.  Soft, but structured.  Vanilla and dried apricots.  Fruit, grains, and a lingering finish at a beautiful 46% - no need to water it down.  Coming in tomorrow!

-David Driscoll


David Driscoll