Things You Need To Know #2

You need to know where Little China Kitchen is in San Mateo.  Why?  Because it's delicious, simple, fresh, and value-priced Chinese food and, if you let them know you shop at K&L, they won't charge you a corkage fee.  That means you can load up on Riesling and Pinot Noir without shelling out $50 for fees.  LCK has become K&L tasting night headquarters for that reason.  Tonight, my man Jimmy C and I headed over to wine and dine.  I thought I'd give you a preview because you need to get over to LCK and enjoy yourself.

First course: German Riesling.  Off-dry and really drinking well with the apps.

Veggie potstickers here are the best.  Get them steamed and then they're healthy.  Really doughy and full of cabbage with tofu. 

Bring some Burgundy for the entreés. 

Green beans are perfectly cooked. Slightly soft with a bit of crunch.  Garlic and savory sauce.

Scallion beef is lean and mean.  We got some fish too, but I got too busy eating to take a picture.

Little China Kitchen is at 215 East 3rd Avenue in downtown San Mateo.  They do NOT charge corkage if you tell them you know me.  Honest.  I asked Christine if she would be down with that and she said "Yes!" TYNTK #2 is an important one.  Make LCK your wine tasting hangout for dinner.  The owners are incredibly nice and you'll be very surprised at the quality.  The Chong Qing specials are their strong point, so make sure and check out the specials!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll