Thursday SF Notes

Another busy day of appointments in the SF store.  I finally got around to meeting Kiki from Pür Spirits aus Deutschland and we went through her fascinating line up of liqueurs and "Geiste." We always get asked about our selection of German spirits (which amounts to zero) and we always apologize for our lack of schnapps.  I'm proud to say that we will now be carrying the whole Pür line up and I couldn't be more excited.  The Pear Liqueur is subtle, delicate, and pure - not at all like Clear Creek or J Pear which are much more viscous and hearty.  This is a slightly sweet elixer that could turn sparkling prosecco into a heavenly cocktail.  The elderflower liqeuer will prove to be St Germain's worst nightmare.  This is the real deal folks and it's amazing - huge sales projections.  The Bierschnapps is always quite special - aged in chestnut wood - and reminiscent of Bock Bier.  Our beer guys are going to wet their pants.  Should be in stock by next week.

My call for real tequila continues to be answered.  I'm going to take a chance and bring in the Piramide tequilas because they are "el autentico."  These guys grow the 100% organic agave, they harvest it, they distill it, they import it, they distribute it.  It's all them every step of the way.  The bottle design leaves a bit to be desired, but these guys aren't about image.  It's about pride.  We had to do half the tasting in Spanish because they're not used to presenting in English.  I found that endearing.  What a difference between these producers and the suits that usually come into the store with their flashy brand logos.  This is the tequila company you want to root for, so I'm going to bring it in.  The tequilas are clean, tasty, and peppery, which I think people will appreciate.  All estate!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll