Yet Another New Barrel Direct From Scotland!

This is another of the real gems from the trip.  One of the best whiskies we tried in Scotland, made even better by its collectable status!

1975 Banff K&L Exclusive 35 Year Old Duncan Taylor Single Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky PRE-ARRIVAL $199.99 - Getting to roam the warehouses of the Scottish Highlands, in search of forgotten treasures, was an experience that David OG and I will never forget.  Finding a hidden barrel from one of Scotland's most undervalued and unknown mothballed distilleries was just icing on the cake.  Banff was a Highland institution that was dismantled and demolished back in 1983.  Destined to become the next Brora or Port Ellen, malt enthusiasts are only now beginning to understand just what exactly we've been missing.  A good Banff whisky will usually exhibit some stong grainy notes, bright stone fruits, and a kick of vanilla on the finish.  The 35 year old single cask we found at the Duncan Taylor estate is the best Banff we've ever had the chance to taste. The initial flavors are saline and oily (think Clynelish at its best) before transitioning into a mouthfull of vanilla cream with cereal grain and white peach accents. The finish is ultra-delicate, almost transcendent in its grace, and at 45.2% there's no need to water it down.  Just sit back, pour, and enjoy one of the finest barrels we were lucky enough to stumble across.  Banff is gone and it will never produce any whisky again which adds to the collectability of the bottle, but you'll want to drink every drop of this, trust us. Along with the Ladyburn, this was one of the top whiskies from our trip, hands down.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll