Appreciating What's Around You

I went to college in San Diego.  There's probably some great beaches, wonderful restaurants, lovely hikes, and interesting culture there, but I couldn't tell you.  I spent most of my time in my apartment playing video games, smoking cigarettes, and eating Domino's pizza.  When I graduated I left because I was bored.  Later on of course I felt the pangs of regret as I cleaned myself up, lost the pizza weight, and quit smoking.  "All the opportunities I wasted!" I still think sometimes.  For that reason, I want to stress to everyone living in Northern California: Do not take what we have for granted!

I decided to open two bottles of local wine last night because, although I taste many domestic wines as part of our staff training program, I show little enthusiasm beyond what's necessary - and that's a shame.  It's a shame because, while I'm geeking out for the French Arbois or a small Burgundy plot, there really are many outstanding wines close by that we have access to.  I could visit these places on the weekends, take a drive to Sonoma, enjoy the landscape and its inherent beauty, but I don't.  No longer.  I will not relive my college apathy!!

It's not just wine either.  We've got St. George distillery, Charbay, Germain-Robin, Old World Spirits, and others still making their mark.  You can visit these places and sample their products, see how they're made, and embrace the local community.  When I traveled extensively through Europe as a young adult, I found all cultures enjoying and taking pride in their local wines and spirits.  Yet, here I sit, ignoring so many outstanding local vintners, lusting after products from afar that have no special importance or significance in my life. 

I vow to appreciate my Northern California alcohol community now by learning more about the wines from this region.  I work in the best wine store on the West Coast, located in NorCal, but I can't tell you details about the local wines?  That's pathetic.  No More!!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll