Old World Spirits Update

What's been going on with my good friend Davorin Kuchan over at Old World Spirits lately?  That's funny because I just asked myself the same question the other day, so I decided to go and find out.  When I arrived, Davorin was pumping kegs of Devil's Canyon IPA into a tank for future distillation, while simultaneously stripping a batch on his still.

Mmmmm.....essence of IPA fresh off the still.  Then into a barrel for aging.  Whisky anyone?

Speaking of whiskey, Davorin is almost ready to release his first batch of 100% rye.  I've been waiting for this stuff since last November!  It's almost ready!  This whiskey is amazingly light and soft for something so young.

I also got a chance to see the new Blade label, designed by our own K&L customer Armen Allen as part of a contest we held a while back.  Let's just say Armen won't be out of gin anytime soon.  What an improvement over the last bottle!

Davorin had been making a batch of absinthe before we got there and all those botanicals need to be cleaned out of the drain later on. 

Now that Davorin has signed with a larger distribution company, he has to pump out the orders faster than ever.  Yet, it all has to come from this one little room.  That's small production, folks!  Nevertheless, look for some exciting new projects from Davorin very soon.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll