Last Barrel Announcement!!

Well, we've finally come to the end of our exclusive K&L barrel pre-order list and we've saved one of the best whiskies for last.  All of the casks are now on the website and available for purchase in advance with special discounted pricing for those who do so.  The complete list is posted on the right margin of this webpage if you scroll down a bit.  There are currently no further plans to release anything further unless something drastic happens with Kilchoman and that sherry barrel we liked so much gets a bit more affordable.  So for now here's the dramatic finish to our first ever K&L Scotland pre-arrival campaign:

1990 Littlemill K&L Exclusive 21 Year Old Faultline Spirits Single Bourbon Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky PRE-ARRIVAL $114.99 (retail to be $129.99) - When it was dismantled in 1996, Littlemill was not only one of the oldest working distilleries, but also one of the rarest. Finding great Littlemill is EXTREMELY difficult. We were very lucky to find this exceptional cask of ultra rare Littlemill and even luckier to get it for a reasonable price.  From a secret special source, this warehouse contained several off limits ultra rare casks. Somehow we weaseled this one cask out for the inaugural release of our own independent label dubbed Faultline Spirits.  Faultline draws a line in the sand.  It connects our three stores and expresses the monumental nature of what we plan to do. Only the finest, most rare products will be bottled under the Faultline name; this Littlemill exemplifies our goal perfectly. Littlemill is rarely mentioned these days.  Straddling the line between lowland and highland, just north of Glasgow, it's traditionally classified as a lowland whisky due to the histrical use of triple distillation. Geographically, it's more closesly linked to the highlands. In the 1930s, the distillery moved to double distillation.  This bourbon cask was perfectly aged in a cool ocean climate and shows a great deal of depth. Nose: Strong caramel, green apple peel, rich grain, and citrus blossom. Palate: Tootsie Roll, pineapple, more citrus and bit of white pepper. Complex, vibrant, truly special. -David Girard, K&L Spirits Buyer

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll