New Arrivals/Back In Stock

Kilchoman 2011 Spring Release Islay Single Malt Whisky $64.99 - The new release of Kilchoman sees some sherry wood making its way into the mix.  The rich and rounder highlights really help balance out the spice of the young, smoky, spicy bourbon-aged malt.  This is the best release of Kilchoman we have tasted to date and the sensational quality only speaks to the greatness this distillery will eventually achieve.  The Spring release has loads of smoke, iodine, and salty notes with hints of oloroso in the background.  Slightly denser and more concentrated that any of the previous releases.

Springbank 10 Year Old Campbeltown Single Malt Whisky $54.99 - I was getting a bit nervous that this was going to be out of stock longer.  But that's the beauty of Springbank - they bottle to order so every batch is different.  Can't wait to try the new load.

Big Peat Islay Vatted Malt Scotch Whisky PRICE REDUCTION (formerly $99.99) NOW $59.99 - This vatted malt hits all the right notes and completely justifies its higher price.  Not only is is a crazy blend of Islay's finest: Ardbeg, Caol Ila, Bowmore and the rare Port Ellen, it is exactly what you expect when you taste it.  The aromas are of smoke, and salty seaweed with a slight medicinal note, and the palate shows more campfire smoke with a saline and herbal character.  The finish is rockin' and the length on it is incredible.  It lingers in your mouth for minutes as hints of fresh chopped spearmint and pepper start to appear.  This is an apply named whisky that is very much a big and peaty drink.

Douglas Laing's Original & Authentic Double Barrel 8 year Macallan & Laphroaig Blended Malt Whisky PRICE REDUCTION – NOW $59.99This unique bottling of two special single malts defies its category.  The rich Speyside character of Macallan contrasted by the brine and smoke of Laphroaig.  One of the finest young vatted malts I've tasted in years.  Awesome!!!

2000 Domaine Labet Marcs du Jura $39.99 - Can you believe we found a Marcs from the Jura?!  Wine and spirits geeks unite!  Made from savignin, ploussard, and chardonnay skins then aged in oak for ten years!  Like the richest grappa, yet also exotic and slightly oxidized like a Vin Jaune.  One of the most intriguing and exciting spirits I've tasted in years.  My love for the wines of Jura and my passion for spirits finally collide!

Louis Roque Vieille Prune $39.99 - From the historic Louis Roque distillery located in the sleep town of Souillac.  Imported by the legendary Charles Neal, Roque specializes in Vieille Prune from Gascony.  Perhaps the finest in class, certainly the best of what's available in the states, prune uses only the best Gascone Plums.  With the depth of a cognac and the finesse of a plum brandy.  Esoteric, yet familiar, this Vieille Prune has an unparrelled richness.  Bursting with asian spice and ripe fruit, you'll want to keep this one in stock once you've tried it.

Reisetbauer Austrian Blue Gin $47.99 - The most esteemed producer of eau-de-vie in Austria has now released an Austrian gin!  Vibrant, spicy, and dry in a way that London dry gin only wishes it could be.  Intense, pure, and flavorful to the max.

Paolucci Amaro CioCiaro Liqueur $18.99 - According to a highly trusted source this is the closest available substitute for the old incarnation of Amer Picon.  The Amer Picon is a highly sought-after cocktail ingredient, which is not distributed in the United States.  Not many people know that in the 1970s the formula for Amer Picon was quietly changed.  Amaro CioCiaro is the closest you'll get to that original Amer.  It's soft, subtle, sweet, citrus, is offset by a pleasant bitterness.  A must for any cocktail nerds bar.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll