Big Day @ K&L

Finally.  Finally.  The Educacational Tasting License has been filed and we have posted notice.  TZ our esteemed owner did the honors.

Now we just have to wait out the 30 day notice period and wait for the rest of the paper work to get filed and we'll be one step closer!  Get ready to taste some liquor in our tasting bar!  Can't wait for this to go through!

We brought in the Wylie Howell corn whiskey today.  It's a jug and it comes in 1.75L format only.  Therefore it's $109.99.  That's not cheap, but it's a whole lotta corn whiskey.  Aged 2 weeks in new charred barrels.  Pears, stonefruits, and corn on the palate.  It's a camping trip dream come true.  Check out Greg's website for more info.  I think people are really going to like this.  In stock in RWC right now.

I'm wiped out.  That's it for tonight.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll