Tasting Schedule For This Week & Next!

I'm leaving K&L in a few minutes for a long vacation, but that doesn't mean I'm going to leave you all without any booze to taste.  Here's this week's schedule and next week as well.

Redwood City - Martin's West Gastropub - 6 PM - Tuesdays - Tuthilltown Whiskies

I retasted New York's young Hudson whiskies the other day and I have to say that I enjoyed them much more this time around than previously.  They show a bit more depth and poise than I remembered from before, so I thought they might make a fun tasting for those of you who have never tried them.  Check out their website if you're unfamiliar with their whiskies and come by Martin's West for some samples.

June 27th - Tuthilltown Hudson Baby Bourbon

July 5th - Tuthilltown Four Grain Whiskey

San Francisco - Gitane - 5:30 PM - Thursdays - Yamazaki Japanese Whiskies

Since I cannot make it taste with you all, I've requested that former SF bartender and current Yamazaki employee Neyah White come by to help guide you all through the tasting.  The one thing I learned from Neyah that blew my mind was that both the Yamazaki 12 and the Hibiki 12 were designed to be drunk with ice and soda water, so we're going to give you a choice.  You can choose to drink your pour straight, or have it as a highball to experience how it was intended to be enjoyed.  Neyah is an encyclopedia of info so I would recommend that you take advantage of drinking with him.  He's quite amazing.

June 29th - Hibiki 12

July 7th - Yamazaki 12

Please come out and enjoy some whiskey!  See you all in a few weeks.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll