Thursday Pics

Thursday started off slow, but finished with a bang.  Our search for small production, "authentic" tequila continues to progress.  Another local importer came by to taste us on their tequila made from their family's estate grown agave in Michoacán.  Technically that's not tequila country (although the neighborhood around K&L in RWC is known as "little Michoacán"), but they decided to bring their piñas over to Jalisco and have them distilled properly.  I love these tequilas because they're the result of one family's necessity.  The Rodriguez clan only planted the agave in the first place because of the shortage taking place in the late 1990's.  However, every other farmer decided to plant agave as well, so then came the glut.  They were faced with tough decision: lose money or learn how to distill it.  The result is Mi Casa tequila and this stuff is good.

Something about their soil in Michoacán gives the agave a larger size and a higher sugar content, so these tequilas are quite supple despite their graceful flavor.  They tend towards the creamy, butterscotchy type textures, but they never lose the agave flavor.  The bottles are also quite beautiful, showing a lovely picture of the Rodriguez estate on the back.  I'm really excited for the public to try these because they're well priced and very accessible.  They taste expensive.

After hours was our fantastic Willett tasting at the Hideout in SF's Mission District.  We had a sell-out crowd that packed both floors and the bourbons were exquisite.  The 16 year old came from a Stitzel-Weller wheated cask (the original Pappy Van Winkle juice for those who don't know it) and was a HUGE hit.  People were begging for more and I couldn't blame them - it's a 140 proof, full-throttle tour de force.

Drew from the Willett family was also on hand to talk about the booze, their new distillery opening this Fall, and just mingle with the enthusiastic drinkers on hand.  Todd from the Hideout was so jazzed about the turnout that we immediately decided to do this on the 3rd Thursday of every month.  Look out SF!  Whisk(e)y flights at the Hideout are here to stay.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll