K&L Pre-Arrival Updates

Just left the Hollywood store where David OG and I sampled the new 1975 Banff arrival.  It's just as good as we remember it and just as subtle.  We're going to couple it with the Oban 18 into a giant promotional email for this Thursday.  Both whiskies are the epitome of elegance and restraint so it makes sense to put them side by side.  The Banff has a salty note with hints of vanilla and a strong grainy component.  I love it and so does David.

All pre-arrivals for Auchroisk, Ben Nevis, and Banff should be filled next week after the San Carlos warehouse gets done with orders.

In other news, our Ladyburn cask just arrived on U.S. soil so that should be here in another week or so!

-David Driscoll 

David Driscoll