Updated Calender

Now that we have a tasting license for both stores, I've managed to fill in some dates for September.  If you need to plan your schedule around some of these tastings now is the time to start organizing!  All tastings go from 5 PM to 6:30.  Here's what's in store:

August 31st

RWC – Varnelli Italian Liqueurs - a must for all of you cocktail lovers

SF – Yamazaki Japanese Single Malts - this should be a big deal

September 7th

RWC – Oban Single Malts - Steve Beal in the house from Diageo

SF – Camut Calvados w/Charles Neal - Camut makes the best Calvados - PERIOD

September 14th

RWC – Kilchoman Single Malts - Try the new Spring 2011 release and some other peated malts

SF – Leopold Distillery - Gin, whiskey, and Maraschino liqueur!

September 21st

RWC – Germain-Robin Distillery - brandy from CA's legendary producer

SF – Old World Spirits: Rye Whiskey Launch! - Davorin's new rye will be ready to go!

September 28th

RWC – Diageo Single Malts (distillery TBA) - Steve Beal comes back again, which distillery will it be?

SF – St. George Distillery: New Gin Launch! - The new gins will be on hand!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll