WhiskyFest SF

 It's almost time for WhiskyFest San Francisco!  We're a little over a month away from what is always the biggest party in town for our industry.  Now that we have our license, some of you have seen first-hand just a sample of how fun a booze tasting can be.  However, imagine an entire room filled with all of the best whiskies in the world at your complete disposal!  That's what the Malt Advocate brings us every year and we're lucky enough to have it take place in our backyard.  While we can't pour our own expressions anymore, David OG and I will definitely be on hand along with a few other K&L staff members to take place in our own education.  Every serious single malt and bourbon producer will be at WhiskyFest SF so it's an amazing opportunity to sample everything all at one time.  It can be a bit overwelming, so you have to pace yourself.  The trick is to get there early and make sure you spit!  If you try to swallow all of these spirits you won't last one hour.  This is a marathon not a sprint, so make sure you bring your most comfortable drinking shoes.  John Hansell will be in the house so make sure you go up to him and question every review he's ever written.  He LOVES it when people do that.  Also in the house will be Dr. Bill Lumsden from Ardbeg, Parker Beam from Heaven Hill, and pretty much everyone else in this business that one would want to meet.  They all usually roam the floor so make sure you find them and tell them their whiskies are good, but maybe they should release more single casks to K&L exclusively, and absolutely no other retailers.  I think they would consider it if enough people asked.  Tickets are available by clicking here and visiting the WhiskyFest website.  VIP tickets have already sold out, but there are still some general admission seats left.  The entire event will sell out eventually so don't wait too long!  See you there!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll