Thursday News

Viktor from Importers Without Borders came by today to taste us on the new blanco tequila from Hacienda de los Diaz.  We've always had their tasty reposado, but it's always been completely overlooked.  I think their new white version will be a bigger hit because we tend to do better with the pure spirit and this is one beautiful expression.  Very clean and quite soft, but packed with citrus, baking spices, and cloves.  I think blanco fans should take note because this will please an awful lot tequila drinkers.  Very, very good.  On the shelves now as I immediately bought it from him seeing that he had a few cases in his car.

Why is my finger hiding the name of the independent bottler?  Because this came to me from another super secret source and we're trying to add it to our Faultline collection.  I'll tell you, doing business with people you like and spreading good will tends to come back around in a karmic fashion.  What's so special about this little vial of 16 year old Bruichladdich you might ask?  Well, for the first 13 years of its life this single malt spent its upbringing in a hogshead just like any other basic whisky.  However, for the final three years of its maturation, this thing has been (and still is) sitting in an ex-Ardbeg cask and the peat from the residue has slowly made its way into this mild little Bruichladdich.  The conjunction of these two flavors is exactly what you would expect - mild vanilla, salt, and sweet grains mixed with vegetal peat moss, smoke, and charcoal.  It's familiar, yet at the same time totally unfamiliar.  Can you say ultra-rare and super collectable?  Oh, and it's good!  Add this to the second batch of pre-arrivals we'll be sourcing before Christmas - should be $99.99.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll