St. George Gin Test Run

St. George is touting its Dry Rye Gin as the bold, juniper-packed expression of spice that the Botanivore and Terroir gins do not possess.  While it may be the case that the dry rye has twice as much juniper as the other two, it certainly doesn't taste that way.  In fact, I'm sipping a dry martini consisting of 100% dry rye right now and I really don't get a mouthful of juniper.  What I do get, however, is exquisite.  What I get is a gin that tastes completely different on the way out than it does on the way in.  This gin is tailor-made for rye whiskey lovers and let me tell you why - it starts off with the classic London-style, dry and herbal note, but immediately after it hits your tongue it morphes into a malty, white-whiskey-like attack that finishes with the cloves and cinnamon-red-hots of something like the Bulleit rye.  It's unlike any other gin I've ever had.  It's like a gin and a whiskey combined into one.  It's utterly delicious.  I'm going back in for more right now.

UPDATE: just made my second cocktail with an absinthe rinse and a dash in the mix.  That's the move.  This is like a dry Sazerac cocktail gin martini!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll