Bitter is Better

Over the last year we've developed the Spirits Department into one of the most dynamic programs being offered anywhere in the world.  The one aspect of the Sporting Life that we've never truly focused on plays a integral role in the development of our drinks culture, Bitters.  By the strictest definition a cocktail cannot exist without the bitters.  Most people don't realize how important these special little concoctions are to the drinks that they love so much.  Using them is not always easy, but once you've gained some experience they can be wildly pleasurable.  There is absolutely NO money in bitters.  The classics dominate and the general public won't pay $18 for 100ml of booze designed specifically to be unpalatable by itself.  Nonetheless, I'm committed to becoming the countries premier bitters destination.  I'm not going to carry every bitter on the market, but I'm going to give you the best of what's available.  Honestly, my quest to become one of the world's premier bitters suppliers has been met with skepticism.  My staff thinks its crazy!  The owners laugh at the invoices.  Most customer just gawk.  Honestly I don't care!  I'm gonna work to make sure that we carry every bitter worth its salt or die trying.  Our new bitters section is up and running in Hollywood and you can get them sent ANYWHERE in the US because they are classified as non-potable.  While many specialty retailers charge EXTREME prices for there bitters, we do not have to rely on excessive margins to justify our increased inventory - why?  Cause I say so, that's why.  We need people excited about these products because they're so important to making great drinks.  IN order to do that we need people to feel comfortable using bitters, so PLEASE come on in and have a taste.  All our bitters are open for you to taste so don't wait!  I will be tasting our wide selection over the coming weeks and giving you my impression.  Any questions please let us know! 

-David Girard

David Othenin-Girard