Nostalgic Motivation

Jesus!  Last April I went to Scotland with David OG and it was one of the best times in my life.  Yet, here I sit, alone with a bottle of whisky in my living room, feeling totally burnt out and a bit askew.  Perhaps I need to look back on the memories from our wonderful journey to find the inspiration necessary to continue this quest.

Christ! Did we really drink these whiskies?  It all seems a bit hazy at this point, but I think we must have because I took this picture.  If you've ever needed a reason to travel to Islay, I think this should provide proper motivation.

Holy Cow!  I remember drinking this with Jamie MacKenzie on the shores of the Bowmore distillery at around one in the morning.  What a fantastic experience!  Single malt whisky is awesome!  What am I doing wasting my time with wine blogging?  It's time to get back to what I know!  Let's do this.  I'm now sufficiantly motivated to get back down in the trenches.  Let's see what comes of it.

I think David OG's prayer to the Celtic Cross of Islay should come in handy about now.  We need a boost and there's nothing like the memory of Scotland to keep us going!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll