Big Tasting Day

Some of the older Malt Trust bottlings are available once again, albeit this time at some more realistic pricing.  My assistant Kyle and I drove over to the distribution warehouse to taste through the line up once again, but didn't find too many winners.  The stand out is clearly one of the two 1979 Caol Ila casks available, a 51% strength malt that does justice to the 25+ crowd of Islay all-stars.  Lots of campfire smoke, but a good underlining of vanilla that transforms the peat into a baking spice and cinnamon note.  Very good.  Should retail for around $179.99 instead of the $230 we last saw it at.

Now that Anchor has bought out San Diego's Preiss Imports, I now have a NorCal rep who can actually bring me the bottles to sample!  How exciting!  He stopped by today and we all about slobbered over this 20+ year Cognac from the Cointreau cellar.  Huge, lush, rich, supple, layered, intensely honeyed, and more.  It won't be cheap, probably $235-ish, but man was it good.  Probably need to keep a few of these on hand.  A fun day overall!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll