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Remember when we used to be spirits buyers?  Back before the holiday rush began?  We used to taste new exciting products with vendors and write about them here on this blog.  Well, now that we're finally over the holiday hump, we can go back to doing what we do best - taste booze, sell booze.  Yesterday I met up with my man Todd Smith from Pacific Edge and here are some of the exciting new products I have on order for delivery next week.  First, as you can see in the above picture, our friends at A.D. Rattray have listened to consumers and decided to bottle some of their private casks in half bottles (375ml).  Not everyone wants a whole bottle of cask strength single malt, especially when they're experimenting.  There's a Highland Park 16 which has loads of smoke and drips with oily fruits, an 11 year old Cooley that has the white wine flavors of the Slieve Foy 8, but at cask strength, and a few other choices that come in at the $50-ish and under range.

Over in Colorado, the Leopolds are at it again - this time with a fantastic new Fernet Amaro.  This thing is loaded with spearmint and packs a lovely bitter finish.  I'm excited to see what the Bay Area thinks of this, seeing that we drink more Fernet Branca here than practically the whole of Italy.

 Laird's distillery finally has their older expressions for sale in California!  That means, on top of the Bottled in Bond applejack, we've also got the 7 year and the 12 year!  These are fantastic deals for the price.  Cocktail fans should be rejoicing.

 Eric Seed at Haus Alpenz (Dolin Vermouth, Batavia Arrack, Smith & Cross, etc) has finally finished this wonderfully bizarre concoction.  Rum based, but with a smattering of cocoa, leather, and fruit.  Very unique and maybe something to be enjoyed on the rocks? 

These new Bittermens liqueurs REALLY have me excited.  They should all come in around $25 for a half bottle and bring the Amaro category to new heights.  Imagine five new Camparis, all with different flavors!  That's what we've got here.  Bitter grapefruit, gentian root with chamomile, and even a cordial to be added with soda water that turns it into tonic!  I can't wait to get these home and start mixing. 

Look for all of this around Thursday of next week.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll