K&L Spirits Journal Podcast #22 - Jim Rutledge

It's been eleven months since I last published an episode of the KLSJ Podcast. My how the time just flies! Last November I sat down with Preston Van Winkle to cap what had been a nice run of interviews. I needed a rest, plus I was running out of people to interview. What I told myself, however, was that I would do another episode if the right opportunity presented itself.  Almost a year later, Jim Rutledge and I decided we had a few important subjects to discuss. There are droughts in the midwest causing shortages of American corn. GMO corn is slowly infiltrating the non-GMO crops. The current spike in Bourbon sales is leading to shortages of aged stocks. There's currently a debate between the effectiveness of quarter casks in comparison to standard Bourbon barrels. These are the issues I discuss this time around with the legendary Four Roses master disiller. 

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-David Driscoll

David Driscoll