Get Some Wood

It's finally here.  All the hype, all the build-up, all the glory.  We're in the middle of Whisky Season and the big guns keep on delivering.  With the widespread appeal of Balvenie's 12 year Doublewood, the new 17 year brings all the flavor in an even more decadent expression (if that's even possible!).  I was very fast and I got a pretty large chunk of the California delivery.  I've heard it might be mid-November before we see this again.  Big email goes out Tuesday, so you've got a few days to make up your mind.

Balvenie 17 Year Old Doublewood Single Malt Whisky $125.99 - Hot on the heels of the tremendous success from the Doublewood 12, Balvenie is reaching further into its wonderful aged stock and releasing a double-matured single malt from 17 year old casks. First aged in ex-Bourbon casks then finished for another spell in ex-sherry casks, this is the richest, smoothest, most supple expression from Balvenie we've seen. Big flavors of cakebread, fresh baking spices, butterscotch, and fudge that ooze over the palate at a slow crawl. It's decadent stuff and we expect it to sell VERY fast. Demand has been pent up for the last year once word of its release became imminent. Don't wait on this one. It's very good Balvenie.

I almost fell over when I saw that Paddy's was available again! I had told so many disappointed customers not to expect it, thinking that the importer must have dropped it from the portfolio.  Then, all of a sudden, there it was! I bought a few cases, along side the new Knob Creek Rye that I had yet to bring in.  There's nothing wrong with Midleton Irish in a liter bottle, along side some high-end Beam rye.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll