Binders Full of Women

UPDATE: 10:21 PM - What I thought was a very funny moment in tonight's presidential debate that perhaps only I noticed, was actually very funny to millions of people who have been tweeting, Facebooking, and blogging about this non-stop.  Now I am just another blogger trying to come up with another clever play on "binders full of women," which as a result makes me very unclever. Boo hoo. :(

"Binders full of women" = the new "Snakes on a plane"

I have now deleted the satire because I had no desire to ever make this political, rather just talk about how the sentence "binders full of women" made me laugh out loud. This now-viral catch phrase is going to get political now, however, so I'm getting out.  It was very funny, though. 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll