The First Hot Deal of Fall

I promised you we would start working hard to bring you hot deals. Deals you can afford. Deals that bring single malt whisky back to that enjoyable, pour-yourself-a-few-fingers, end-of-the-day drink that you don't have to fuss over, but can still enjoy.  I also promised that I would stop buying overpriced whisky and start working with producers who have your best interests first. I have been working with Morrison-Bowmore and Campari all week to put this little project together. I'm soooooooooo pumped about it.

Bowmore Legend Single Malt Whisky $23.99 - The Bowmore Legend is an absolutely delicious Islay whisky.  It's got the perfect amount of smoke and the right amount of richness.  At this price, we had to taste it against Johnnie Black and there's really no comparison.  The Walker Black, being a blend, is tasty enough, but it thins out at the back.  The Bowmore Legend being 100% single malt whisky (at around eight years of age, I believe) is simply more exciting. Being someone who loves oily, smoky, and fruity flavors in my malt, I can't think of a better deal for a bottle of whisky since I started working at K&L.  This is cheaper than Glenfiddich 12!!!

Auchentoshan Classic Lowland Single Malt Whisky $23.99 - This has been at $30 for as long as I can remember.  Tasting the soft, light, and vanilla-laden character of the Bourbon cask aging, I look at the price point of Auchentoshan now and think, "this is the same price as Jameson's now."  That's just ridiculous.  Get in on this while it's priced where it's at.

I have to say that I am very impressed with the direction Morrison-Bowmore is taking towards more cooperation with retailers.  First, they hired Rachel Barrie to do their blending, which helps to improve their product.  Then they allowed us to start buying casks directly, giving us a heavenly barrel of Glen Garioch for our exclusive collection. Now they've responded to our blog post that called for better prices for single malts and have given both us and the whisky consumer a chance to drink something delicious for a reasonable fee.  Bravo, Bowmore.  Bravo.  You've got our full support and I'm sure the support of our customers once they taste how good these whiskies are for the price.  I'm buying my bottle of Legend right now.


Speaking of Morrison-Bowmore, they're owned by Suntory who happens to be in the tasting bar tonight.  Neyah White, their brand ambassador just emailed to remind me that Mike Miyamoto, who is the former Master Distiller at Hakushu (as well as former Master Distiller at Yamazaki and for Managing Director of Morrison Bowmore) will be here tonight as well to pour the Japanese whiskies.  This is a fantastic chance to meet some of Japan's whisky legends. Don't miss tonight's event at 5 PM.  It's a Halloween party you'll be happy you attended.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll