Hide the Salami

While I won't be able to attend tonight's WhiskyFest extravaganza in San Francisco due to a previous engagement, I will be sending my assistant Kyle......or rather his alter-ego, the sexy loverman Rodrigo.  Take a look at this photoshoot he did recently for Veuve Cliquot, featuring his world-famous pout (take that "Blue Steel").  If you'll be attending WhiskyFest and you can locate this man amidst the gigantic crowd of enthusiasts, you'll win a prize.  Rodrigo will have something in his front pocket for you.  No!! It's not what you're thinking!!  Disgusting! It will be whisky-related and you'll be very excited if you manage to track him down.

The rules are this: you must approach Rodrigo and say, "Rodrigo - I hear you've got something in your pocket for me," to which he will respond and reward you with your prize.

Happy drinking tonight! Say "hi" to everyone for me! Find Rodrigo! Find Rodrigo!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll