Holiday Alert: K&L Armagnac Back in Stock

Just got our latest (and last?) load of 1973 Pellehaut.  We've been sold out for the last two months or so. This Armagnac is top notch - easily one of the best we've ever carried.  With the extra richness from the wood it definitely appeals more to Bourbon drinkers, with more rustic producers like Baraillon and Ognoas for the hard-core, country-style loyalists. Plus, if your special friend is turning 40 next year, this is the only affordable bottle you'll find that tastes this damn good.  We've bought everything we can so far, but this may be drying up soon.

1973 Chateau Pellehaut K&L Exclusive Tenereze Armagnac $129.99 - While Bas-Armagnac gets all the press, and the Haut-Armagnac gets completely ignored, the Tenareze region of Armagnac is quietly producing some of the best brandies in the world. Much like the Borderies region in Cognac, the Tenareze brandies seem to have more fruit and a bit more life than the more classic Armagnac style. We visited Chateau Pellehaut on our first day in Armagnac last January and were completely overwelmed by the quality of spirit. Using only new or first fill barrels for the beginning years of maturation, the Armagnacs have richness, weight, and spice. While Pellehaut has since switched to entirely Folle Blanche grape varietals, the 1973 vintage is composed of 90% Ugni Blanc. The palate opens with loads of caramel and a creamy richness the spreads quickly. The aromas are quite Bourbon-esque, with hints of soft vanilla and charred oak drifting out of the glass. The complexity of the brandy is astounding - candied fruit, stewed prunes, toasted almond, baking spices, and earthy warehouse notes, all swirling around at the same time. For an Armagnac of this quality, at an age of nearly 40 years old, the price we negotiated is amazing. I'm expecting this to be one of our best selling Armagnacs ever and I expect it to really put Pellehaut on the map stateside.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll