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Now that Rittenhouse and Sazerac are creeping back into the market place, the more expensive brands are going to need to come back down to earth. First off - Templeton Rye. Normally $36.99, now $29.99. Save yourself $7 on a very delicious bottle of rye whiskey. Reading the old tasting note we had was quite funny "One bottle limit! Now available online after months of in-store only." I had forgotten about that. This used to be impossible to get!

Templeton Rye (Previously $37) Now $29.99 - The most talked about little rye is finally available to the general public. This is a spice monster! It almost feels like they've steeped it in spices after distillation. Big, rich, clove, cinnamon, very intense, very delicious. One bottle limit, now available online after months of in-store only!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll