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1964, Bowmore "Fino" 46 Year Old

Well, we bought this today. It's $14K. It's actually a deal when you consider that someone bid $140K for the 1957 only 8 years this malts senior at Bonham's last month (somehow it didn't sell. I guess the reserve was just a smidge too high). I know it's crazy, but this is one of the most incredible luscious substances ever to cross my lips. We got to taste it with Rachel Barrie while picking out our cask of Glen Garioch at the MBD facility in Glasgow. Luckily we tried after the other whisky because it just trounced everything...EVER. Imagine this like hyper concentrated juice from the rarest tropical fruit that you collected by climbing a giant Mayan pyramid while fending off cannibalistic tribes, a la Apocalypto. It smells like 24 carat gold, tastes like liquefied diamonds and finishes like a Swan 105. Clearly, only a lucky few will ever experience this incredible product.  Or you could take that fourteen grand and spend it on this


...even better, buy it and donate it to the auction! You should buy a ticket even if you don't live in NYC. It's only $25. Have you given anything for Sandy Relief yet? You should. If you do happen to live in New York get down there because there's some amazing whisky on the block. Plus a ton of stuff to taste and a lot of wonderful people from our industry. The auction will include the legendary St George 11 Year Old Single Malt which I know so many of you geeks loved. This was the one that spent 4 years in Apple Brandy barrels. This is not a malt that a lot of people know as there were only a few bottles available, but it was the crown jewel of the St George Distillery and marks one of the very first super special whiskies to be bottle exclusively for K&L. I still have people coming in asking for it. This is probably your last chance to ever procure a bottle. And for a good cause too...

-David Othenin-Girard

David Othenin-Girard