DOG Nails It


Wow. Simply delicious. David OG's new selection from down south is finally making its way up north. This is loaded with rich Bourbon goodness and cinnamon baking spices on the finish. Absolutely stunning.

2002 Evan Williams Single Barrel #726  K&L Exclusive Bourbon $26.99 - Our first ever Evan Williams exclusive barrel is here. Enchanting as it is affordable, Evan Williams is one of America's great whiskies. Here we have a single barrel that we selected after combing through countless samples. While the standard Evan Williams is great and bottled one barrel at a time, occasionally you get a bottle that just out shines the rest. Trying to find another bottle from that same cask is next to impossible. What we have is an entire cask of this superior quality, one that will certainly be compared to the best offerings from this famed brand to date.  It's extremely limited yielding less than 16 cases. This is one of the more elegant Evan Williams, I've come across. Easy and approachable, but with tons of depth.  Some tropical citrus flavors, mark the overal honey and spice.  The palate shows great depth, although it's not one of these sticky bourbons. The sweatness is balanced by a lovely exotic tea element, not bitter, but a bit tannic. It all come together with a lovely drinkable balance and a totally lack of any heat at all. This is painfully easy to drink. Be very careful! (David Othenin-Girard)

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll