We Did It

Dave and James came over from St. George today and we hand-stamped all 840 bottles of Faultline Gin with a big, red "Batch 2" stamp. Redwood City is ready to go. San Francisco tomorrow. LA by next week we hope! Have at it.

Faultline Gin Batch #2 34.99 - We're back at it again with St. George distiller Dave Smith and his wacky ideas about gin-making! We were caught off guard by the extreme success of the first Faultline Gin. People really went wild for the celery salt-infused flavor that made savory cocktails a thing of beauty. That being said, we couldn't just make another batch of the same gin right after we told people it was a limited edition item. We had to come back with something new and interesting. "Something smoky?" I asked Mr. Smith. "I've been wanting to make a smoky gin ever since learning how to distill," he answered. People love peated whisky, but we didn't want peat smoke or campfire flavors. We wanted smoky citrus, but we wanted rotisserie. Dave managed to track down a bundle of thin-skinned mandarin oranges along side a giant smoker from some guy named Texas Ray who cooked huge BBQ parties for the winery next door to St. George. We threw in the skins, leaves and all, and smoked that fruit until the skins turned from orange and spongy to amber and crackly. We dumped everything into the gin base, macerated it, Dave pressed the fruit and distilled the juice, added that into mix, then dialed the juniper back up to make sure it still tasted like gin! That's it! What you've got is a citrus-focused gin that brings a bit of mesquite on the finish. Whereas Batch 1 wasn't really for gin and tonics, Batch 2 is going to make gin and tonic drinkers wet their pants. Try it in lemon juice cocktails as well

We're loading them up and putting them in the store. Come on down to Redwood City and get some!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll