30th Anniversary

Fresh off the delivery truck!

St. George 30th Anniversary Single Malt Whisky $349.99 - To celebrate 30 years in the distillation business, St. George gurus Lance Winters and Dave Smith went deep into their older stocks of single malt whisky to find some pretty remarkable casks. One barrel was the from the first that Lance ever filled at the distillery. Another was the sister cask to the original K&L barrel a few years back, but this one was aged in pear brandy, rather than apple. After tasting through and deciding which casks best represented their history, their ability, and their flavor profile, the guys married them into one very special batch of 30th Anniversary whisky. The flavors are classic St. George. Lots of fresh stonefruit, loads of that beery, oily wood profile and a strong malty finish. It's a celebration of everything that makes St. George single malt whisky so special and it's very, very, very limited. Only 12 bottles available from K&L up north.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll