Holiday Booze

I've always been of the mindset that big holiday occasions are not the time for fancy bottles. I've written that numerous times here on this blog. That being said, as long as you're comfortable with drinking your most prized possessions, there's no reason to save them either. Usually I try and talk people out of drinking Port Ellen with their family because their family won't necessarily understand what they're being given. I think Christmas is the worst day of the year for a twenty minute explanation about the 1983 Diageo closures and how rare that whisky in their glass is. Still, great spirits shouldn't be enjoyed in solitude. You're supposed to share them with others and enjoy them with friends. My Dad and I will be breaking out all the fancy stuff tomorrow because I want to drink them with my Dad. Great Champagne, great Brunello, great Bourbon. No booze talk. Just a quick salute and then down the hatch.

So, to amend any previous statements I made about holiday drinking, don't bring anything you have to explain, but don't hoard it away either. Just drink it. This is what you bought it for, right? For days like tomorrow?

When I take a sip of my first Champagne glass tomorrow morning, I will quietly send out a big thank you to everyone who reads this blog. Happy holidays to those who take the time to contemplate our drinking culture and email me those very contemplations. It fuels the fire at K&L. David and I are very blessed to have such a passionate group of spirits fanatics in our lives. We love all of you and wish you all the best this holiday season.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll