Introducing Our New Handy-Dandy Whisky Brochure

After such great adventures and fantastic visits with so many friendly and interesting Scottish whisky producers, we thought we should go one step beyond the blog this year. We wanted to do something in print that was easy to understand and could reach a broader audience than the already initiated. We decided to write a big, fat brochure, fresh with color photos and descriptions of where we went, who we met, and what we bought. For those of you who don't shop locally here in-store and don't get our mailers, I've attached a PDF version here that you can download and read at your own leisure.

This document breaks down single malt whisky, why single casks are different, and how we look for barrels while we're traveling. I would appreciate any feedback as well. I'm always hoping to come across as easy-to-understand and clear, so hopefully we accomplished that our first time around.

Let us know what you think!

Download the new 2012 K&L Whisky Brochure Here!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll