Never Going Back Part II

My boss has an old advertising from K&L posted to the bulletin board in his office. It's from April of 1986.

Some of the Bordeaux producers listed have become cult favorites. Others not so much. As a result of interest in the category in general, all can justify higher price tags. When people pay more for specific whiskies, it can allow for the industry to raise their prices as a whole. Take a look at what's happened in Bordeaux since the 1980's:

2010 Gloria, based on purely inflation from 1986, should cost around $20 today, according to the WestEgg Inflation Calculator. Right now, if you order on pre-arrival, it's $50, so probably more like $60 retail by the time it gets here. That's triple what inflation says it should cost and no one is really going ga-ga for Gloria. 2010 Prieure Lichine is $65 on pre-arrival, so figure about $80 retail. 2010 Brainaire-Ducru is $80 on pre-arrival, so figure $100 retail. 2010 Cos de Estournal is $330 on pre-arrival, so figure $370 or more retail. 2010 Lynch Bages is $175 on pre-arrival, so figure $200 retail. You can see where this is going.

No bubble popping yet in Bordeaux. These bottles are selling with ease.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll