Cask of Dreams?

Photo from MarketwireThere was a lot of PR surrounding Glenfiddich's newest limited edition release - the "cask of dreams."  They went on a big campaign around the U.S., literally rolling barrels of whisky through the streets of major American cities, where people could sign the barrels and record their own dreams onto the wood.  That's a great story, but it doesn't make the whisky taste any better, does it?  Luckily for Glenfiddich they've created a delicious single malt that lives up to the hype they've invested in it.  After transporting the decorated casks back to Scotland, the unused American oak was filled with whisky aged 14 years and older where it rested for three months, picking up more vanilla from the uncharred wood.  The barrels were then blended together to create a limited, 3500 bottle American release that's definitely worth any single malt drinker's time.  There's a lot of vanilla - a ton of it - but it's never overpowering.  Lively spices, sweet grains, high-toned fruits, and supple caramel all come at once, dodging in and out over the palate.  Everything stays completely in balance and the finish leaves trails of resin with cloves and rich oak.  Best of all, they bottled it at 48.8% which gives the whisky the heft it needs to battle all that flavor.  Glenfiddich never seems to excite the more experienced malt drinker, but I think that's all about to change.  This is much better than last year's Snow Phoenix, so they must be listening to feedback.  I think it's very well made and it makes me much more interested in tasting future Glenfiddich expressions.

We'll be getting 120 bottles tomorrow.  Email will go soon.  Grab 'em while they're here.  Should be about $99.99

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll