Limited Time Offer

 LOS OSUNA REPOSADO "TEQUILA" - $34.99 (was $49.99)-

So what's the deal with the low price on Los Osuna?  Are we closing it out?  NO WAY!  If you've never tasted the Los Osuna spirits before, they're a fantastic artisan "tequila" out of Sinaloa, Mexico.  Because they're not part of the traditional Tequila geography, they can't legally call themselves "Tequila," so they settled for Agave Azul.  That being said, their products are simply top notch regardless.  The Osuna family has really put in their farm time, making sure their agave fields are producing superior fruit, and the quality shows in the delicacy of their spirit.  We've been with Los Osuna from the very beginning and I'm happy to say that we're one of their biggest supporters.

So.......why the low price?  We don't really have "sales" here at K&L, more like opportunities.  Because the Los Osuna Blanco and Anejo spirits are so fantastic, their lovely Reposado gets overlooked.  They've sold so much of the two expressions that they've ended up with a glut of Resposado.  I need Los Osuna to get more Blanco and Anejo into the United States so that I can drink it, but to do so, I need to help them move some of this Reposado.  A deal was struck, and a super sale was born.

For a limited time only we will be offering Los Osuna Reposado tequila for $15 less per bottle than normal.  If you're a fan of delicacy, then this is for you.  The tequila is very elegant on the entry, it moves slowly into warm baking spices with cinnamon and cloves, before finishing with lovely agave notes and soft vanilla.  It's a real delicate spirit and should impress just about any fan of the genre.  It's also made from 100% estate agave and distilled at the family locale in Sinaloa.  This is exactly the type of product we love - small production, hands on, family-owned and operated, and freakin' delicious. 

We've had Los Osuna for a few years now and we've always enjoyed telling our customers about their "tequilas."  If you've never tried anything from their line up, this is a great chance to save $15.  Fill that hole in your margarita shelf, or sit back with a gentle and beautiful sipper.  This sale lasts only until the blanco and anejo return!  Enjoy!    

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll