Some New Things For Cocktail Fans

Tomorrow will be an exciting day for cocktail fans as we receive a bunch of new products in the Redwood City store.  First off will be the long-awaited arrival of Germain-Robin's Fluid Dynamics 1850 barrel-aged cocktail.  The absinthe in the mix puts it over the top as the absolute best of the FD offerings, a lovely drink.  We'll also be offering three packs soon with the 1850, Saratoga, and Brandy Manhattan at a discounted price.  Fun!

I'd been wanting to taste this for a while and it finally came my way today!  The Imbue Bittersweet Vermouth from Oregon showcases all the fruit of the area's Pinot Gris wine with the lovely bitter notes of something like Cocchi Americano.  Clear Creek makes the brandy for fortification and the marriage is quite seamless.  This is one of the most delicious apperitifs I've tried in some time.  It should come in at around $25 a bottle and I expect it to be a huge hit.

Kyle and I were also quite taken with this new Calisaya liqueur, also from Oregon.  Made from chinchona bark, botanicals, flowers, and Valencia oranges, this is one of the tastiest amaro-like arrivals in some time.  Again, this is so much more versatile for cocktails than most of the other amari we carry because of the wonderful fruit and the sweetness.  Think Grand Marnier meets Nonino Amaro.  This should come in at around $42.

Look for these products as early as tomorrow!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll