The Clynelish is on the Shelf

After an amazingly positive pre-arrival campaign, our two newest casks of Chieftain's have arrived - a 30 year old Brora from a Sherry butt, along side a sister cask of 21 year old Clynelish, also aged in a Sherry butt.  Whereas the Brora sold out immediately, we had more of the Clynelish to offer and still do!  Both whiskies are quite similar in that both offer a glimpse at what Clynelish tastes like when the Sherry component is isolated (remember that Brora is just the old Clynelish distillery with a different name).  The oiliness and waxiness of the Clynelish is there, but it quickly becomes integrated with the richness of the Sherry - until it ends up drinking more like 21 year old Springbank, rather than 21 year old Clynelish.  It's absolutely fascinating to see what Sherry-aging does to one of the great unsherried malts.  Much like the 27 year old Clynelish we bottled with A.D. Rattray a few years back, this Chieftain's bottle really needs water.  It needs a lot of water.  Even a few drops do absolutely nothing - the fire completely overwhelms the flavor.  A teaspoon to a tablespoon works wonders, opening up the fruit and bringing the alcohol into balance.  You almost get an extra half bottle of booze because it's like Clynelish concentrate.  There are about 200 bottles left and they are on the shelf in Redwood City as of now.  SF will get their bottles tomorrow, while LA will have it next week.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll