Fluid Dynamics 3 Pack - Only @ K&L

We're doing a little experimental test run with the folks at Germain Robin right now.  What if we were to offer the three most popular Fluid Dynamics barrel-aged cocktails in a discounted, sampler 3-pack?  I thought it was a fantastic idea and apparently our customers do to!  It's been sitting on our front counter for the last week and has really captured the curiousity of our Redwood City visitors.  For $46.99, you get the Brandy Manhattan, the 1850, and the Saratoga cocktail in a nifty little box.  Perfect for parties, either as the featured beverages or as a hostess gift. The 1850 is my favorite so far - brandy, white whiskey, and absinthe - but I also love the Saratoga - brandy, sweet vermouth, and white whiskey.   Germain Robin is bringing back the fun in drinking, doing all the mixing and barrel-aging so you don't have to! 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll