Finally, Arette Has Come Back to K&L

When I first started working at K&L we had this tequila brand called Arette.  I loved it so much I actually drove to the town of Tequila and visited the distillery on my vacation to Mexico in 2008.  When I took over as the spirits buyer in 2009, I made the marketing of Arette one of my top priorities - I simply couldn't get enough of this stuff!  Then something bad happened.  There was a mix-up with their supplier or their importer (we're not sure what actually happened) and we ended up with some bunk-ass Arette tequila in a different bottle on one of our orders.  The quality was no where near as good and we closed it out.  We never resolved the dispute. I was crushed.

Fast-forward to 2012: Arette has new packaging, lower pricing, and the same great flavor that I remember it having.  The Blanco is simply to die for and now it's $10 cheaper than it used to be!  Floral, vibrant, hints of cinnamon and citrus, all coming together in perfect harmony.  The Reposado almost tastes a bit soapy at first, but then it finishes with such brilliance you completely shrug it off - one of the most dynamic repos we've ever carried, loaded with fresh cloves and cinnamon on a warming palate.  We used to sell this for $59.99 and it was worth every penny - now it's $43.99!  New to the dance is the Gran Classe Añejo - an ultra-rare aged expression that starts off lean and spicy, much like the ArteNOM tequilas, but finishes with incredbile richness - lots of wood, caramel, and vanilla, but it never tastes sweet or viscous in any way.  

Needless to say, I'm absolutely thrilled to have these back again.  While I continue to profess my undying love for the ArteNOM series, they're not for everyone.  Some people want their tequila to pop, to burst in your mouth with flavor, and that's exactly what the Arette tequilas do.  They're flavorful and expressive, with extreme delicacy and grace.  Welcome home.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll