Tastings Tonight + A Fun Article

Tonight in Redwood City we'll have the Isle of Jura whiskies, while San Francisco will be pouring Benriach single malts.  The events begin at 5 PM and last until 6:30.  Free of charge.

In other news, this morning I read an interesting article (in the SF Chronicle of all places!) about Mark Zuckerberg and his nonchalance regarding Facebook's profits.  I almost laughed out loud because there's so much I relate to in his approach (except for not caring about your clothes or house).  There's a certain amount of business sense to not caring about business.  While it may seem oxymoronic, if your entire business is based around your credibility then shying away from money can be a very powerful strategy. 

For the first two years that I worked at K&L as spirits buyer I never looked at our sales numbers.  I didn't even know how!  David OG and I are required to meet with ownership on a monthly basis to discuss the department, but I would literally just nod and agree when the figures were discussed.  Like Zuckerberg, I have no interest in the money.  My primary concern is expanding our selection to as many people as possible and finding creative new ways to include everyone (without invading your privacy, however).  My satisfaction is derived from customer satisfaction.  I could probably be convinced to work for positive reenforcement if my bosses wanted to save money.  My classic only-child syndrome values "Good job, David" over a fat check for some reason.

Like Facebook, our profits have increased over the last few years despite the complete lack of business sense on my part.  I believe that profits will come if you do your job well and I've left it at that.  However, once you start focusing on $ you can lose sight of the main goal: better booze, in our case.  I know that the minute I start obsessing about money is the moment I stop doing my job well.  I don't think anyone at the top of Facebook is complaining about their financial situation right now, do you?

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll