My New Favorite Bourbon

Sometimes I simply miss the boat on certain products - either from skipping a tasting appointment, or taking a day off from time to time.  While I knew of the existence of Rock Hill Farms Single Barrel Bourbon, I had never tasted it, nor was I really motivated to track it down.  There's a ton of whiskey out there and we can't carry everything, so no big whoop.  David OG, on the other hand, did not miss the boat on this whiskey, so he's been carrying it in our Hollywood store for some time now.  Seeing that both of us recently opened a number of bottles for staff education day, we decided to send each other our open samples and the Rock Hill was among those that came up North.  Besides the awesome, old-school decanter with the 70's-style horse drawing, the Bourbon is simply fantastic - in fact, it's my new house bottle.

Guess who makes it?  Surprise!  It's Buffalo Trace, who are on pace to out-match Bruichladdich for which distillery can have the largest portfolio of diverse, yet tasty spirits.  The Rock Hill Farms is a high-rye Bourbon, meaning there's a higher percentage of rye in the mashbill than one would normally expect in a Bourbon.  The flavors are both rich and spicy - the whiskey really pops on the entry with lovely vanilla and dried fruits, before finishing with a chocolate and herbal flurry.  I'm absolutely hooked right now, especially for $40.  

Is there no end to the BT dominance?

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll