Scotland - Day 6: Leaving Oban

Behind Oban distillery (where that long chimney pipe is sticking up on the bottom left) is a large cliff, upon which sits a colosseum-like structure built by a wealthy resident looking to provide the town with employment.  As bizarre as that sounds, it's quite a beautiful spot to snap a photo of Oban and the bay into the North Atlantic.

One of our favorite things to do when staying in small distillery towns is hit the bar scene to see if we can score some expensive whisky on the cheap.  No one at the pubs ever seems to charge what older bottles are actually worth.  We think it's because no one ever orders something like Talisker 25.  Most of the customers are drinking beer or vodka.  At our dinner stop, David scored a glass of that 25 year old Isle of Skye elixer for a mere six pounds.  I later went through a glass of Glen Elgin for about three pounds.

We're about to check out and drive south.  Should be good weather and some beautiful scenery.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll