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Well, I'm at my desk, eating a package of Whole Foods sushi (which is actually pretty good), and I'm getting ready to go back down to the store where we've got former Giant J.T. Snow pouring wine in the tasting bar.  I'm likely going to blush like a little girl because J.T. is my all time favorite Giant, I think.  Love the way that guy played first base.  In any case, I thought a few little notes would be nice before the long weekend.  Here's the scoop.

- More K&L exclusive Armagnac hitting the store on Tuesday.  We'll have two crazy deals from Chateau Pellehaut: a 1974 vintage for about $130 and a 1987 vintage for around $80.  Both are crazy good and represent tremendous value.  A 38 year old brandy of this quality for $130!  It's nuts.  We'll also be bringing in the value bottle from Domaine d'Ognoas.  All three of these bottles are must-haves for me.  I'll retaste them before posting the final descriptions, but my notes from the trip are super enthusiastic (but really, when are they not?). 

- Ardbeg's "Day" Committee Release will be coming out next weekend.  I'll send an email to the list and post a link on the blog.  We'll have a good amount.  Price should be around $90 or so.  This is a special release that has been matured an extra six months in sherry, so there's a bit more richness on the back end.  Please.......please, don't send me an email when they're all sold out telling me that you're in the actual committee and that these bottles were supposed to be for committee members only. 

- We'll be focusing on a few new rums over the next week.  I met with the head of Ron Abuelo from Panama the other day and was really impressed with the operation.  They do everything themselves from their own sugar cane, and the value is there - especially the 7 year, which I plan to bring back into stock immediately.  For $26, it's going to "wow" a lot of people.

- David OG's bitter obsession is finally making its way North.  I just got the go-ahead today to take over an entire shelf back by the glassware in Redwood City, so I'm going to move all the mixers, bitters, tonic, cherries, etc, over to that area.  That means I can really expand our selection and you won't have to reach to the tippy-top of the normal shelf now. Maybe we'll add some bar tools as well.  I don't see why we shouldn't be the one-stop shop for everything available cocktail-wise.

- I've had a good amount of new shoppers in the RWC store lately who have found us due to this blog.  Hooray!  People actually read this thing!  Welcome to K&L.  Please visit us more often. If you need any help my email is [email protected] so please feel free to ask questions.

- David Driscoll

David Driscoll