New to the Shelf Today

Our favorite local barber is at it again, whipping up another round of small, limited distillates for those looking to dive deeper in the super-geekdom that most whiskey nerds find themselves in now and again.  Sal's newest releases are two of his best yet, really capturing the flavors of his base products quite exquisitely.

1512 Aged Wheat Whiskey 375ml $55.99 - Aged in ex-rye barrels, this lightly-colored wheat whiskey captures more of the wheat essence than the "wheated Bourbons" of the world, which use wheat in addition to corn.  The 1512 uses wheat almost entirely in the mashbill, producing a soft, wonderfully toasty spirit of fantastic quality.  1512 may be the only craft distillery in the world worthy of the "boutique" pricing needed to recoup expenses.  Their distillates are perhaps the best around for those interested in whiskey outside the box of standard, large production Bourbon and rye.

1512 Poitin Potato Whiskey 375ml $38.99 - A very limited release from 1512, this Poitin smells like a baked potato and the creaminess with which that potato essence fills the palate makes one wonder why potato vodkas couldn't be more like this.  Grab one while you can.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll