Booze on the Move

Jesus, Driscoll - can we get some talk about actual products on the blog?  Enough of this sentimental, emotional, internal crap you're going through.  Let's get some information about booze we can actually drink! 

I hear you.  That's why next week, while David OG and I are in Scotland, a large truck from Pacific Edge will pull up to K&L and drop off massive amounts of new, tasty, delicious, exciting, and affordable booze!  Here's what's coming:

The DOG already has these in Hollywood, but he's much cooler and more hip than I am.  He's always two steps ahead with the cocktail scene, but I'm finally catching up.  These Fidencio Mezcals are stunning.  The agave for the Sin Humo is baked in an oven that resembles something out of the movie Saw (quite terrifying), slowly over four days, to effectively roast the piñas without smoking them.  The result is a delicate and delectable mezcal that drinks more like our new bacanora, but with more elegance.  The Classic mezcal gives the Del Maguey Vida a true run for best mezcal under $40.  Both are priced at $34.99.  Both are fantastic.

Also coming next week, for the first time in any of our stores, is the new Navy Strength gin from the Leopold Bros.  While you might think it's just the standard formula at 57%, you'd be wrong to assume such a boring, run-of-the-mill act from one the industry's most exciting producers.  They created an entirely new recipe, brimming with herbacious notes and loaded with bitter citrus peel.  Try a Tom Collins with this guy.  Coming in at $44.99.

This one is just tooooooo good.  The last thing I needed was a new orange liqueur.  Instead, I just ordered the orange liqueur.  Top this one and you could put Grand Marnier and Cointreau out of business forever.  The Leopold's might be the new kings of naranjas.  Subtley sweet, concentrated, wonderfully pure.  I could finish this bottle myself, no problem.  Just ice and a glass.  $35.99.  This should actually be here tomorrow because I ordered it last week.

See David OG's post from yesterday for some in-detail specs on these new Haus Alpenz releases.  All I can say is that I've never been more excited for summer.  There are so many wonderful new liqueurs that need only a bit of seltzer and a twist of lime, like these two pictured above.  The Salers is incredbily light and incredibly bitter at the same time.  Imagine the easy-going nature of the Cocchi Americano with the gentian-attack of the Amaros from Varnelli.  Looooooove it.  The Byrrh is like France's Languedoc answer to the Cocchi Barolo Chinato, and it can also be substituted for sweet vermouth for a more winey approach.  Super juicy, very drinkable.  Both will be mainstays of my bar.  $21.99 for the Salers and only $19.99 for the Byrrh!

Bye bye Espolon.  You just got booted from the "best bargain tequila" category.  Two ex-pats who started their own tequila line in Mexico have just taken your place.  The Calle 23 tequilas don't have the best packaging, but they do have the best sub-$30 tequila - hands down, game over.  Beautifully expressive blanco, clean and pure.  Lovely richness on the reposado, with warm cinnamon and cloves on the finish.  $22 for the blanco, $24 for the repo.  BOOM!

I don't know how I missed out on this one before.  We've had this in Hollywood for a while, but I guess I was asleep at the wheel.  This rum from Trinidad was originally a private label for a high-end bar in NYC, but ended up as a full-time release.  It's a blend of 3-5 year old rums aged in small casks with that super caney, rummy, earthy flavor profile that separates real rum from caramel crap.  $35 and now one of the best rums we have by far.

I love it when Pacific Edge comes by to taste with us.  We always get so many fantastic new options for everyone to enjoy, but mostly ourselves.  These should all be available next Wednesday at the latest, while some are ready to go in LA.

-David Driscoll 

David Driscoll